Monday, November 14, 2005


ReallyArchitecture >> enlarging the architect’s tent!

We are a group of visionary architecture enthusiasts concerned with the development of architecture in the Asian region. We believe that architects have to stay relevant to the society by taking on additional roles and new approaches to make a positive impact in the communities. This can be done through promoting interdisciplinary exploration by collaborating closely with government bodies, the community and educational institutions. Issues that interest us include, but are not limited to education, culture, heritage, traditions, societal phenomena, humane architecture and civic policies.

This organization stems from our passion to push boundaries and encourage explorative thinking. We aim to achieve our objectives through activities like exhibitions, workshops, conferences, films, publications, talks, academic papers and actual built projects.

REAL Architecture for the Community

Taking on holistic approaches to make the architectural profession relevant to the society’s development

Framework – 3E

[Architect – Public]
Public Engagement: promote real understanding
(interaction between architectural profession and public, promotion of design appreciation)
- travelogue exhibition/publication ANCHOR
- newspaper column
- e-magazine
- REAL city guide

[Architect – Government]
Research & Exploration: define real issues
(insights that aim to give directions in architectural profession and aids in policy making)
- Asian Research Film ANCHOR
- design competition (Expo 2010, Singapore 2025)

[Architect – User/Architect]
Cultural Exchange: facilitate real learning
(sustainable design executions through social projects and international co-operations)
- East Timor development (?)
- Rural studio (the REAL tropical workshop)
- NGO network (local & international)