Thursday, December 22, 2005

What in the world makes really architecture anyway? I profess I cannot tell the difference between good architecture and beautiful drawings. Good architecture neccessitates beautiful drawings, but beautiful drawings does not mean good architecture. Hence, I conclude, from my recent browse through the RIBA president medal winners ( that:
1. work on the architecture as you must, but ALWAYS have good presentation drawings in the end
2. ALWAYS have good drawings even if it means compromising on that one week where you could have worked in better circulation, better function, more detailing
3. rework and rework your final boards- finesse is the key!

Sigh, I wonder if I am feeling jaded from all the renderings. What happened to good ole line drawings with lineweights? Why does all the winners have fantastic graphics? Are the judges' judgements so skewed towards pretty things? Where is the architecture?

Go back to 3 pointer above. BEAUTIFUL DRAWINGS. Who cares about architecture...really.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Project Clockwork Oren

Sy to YU and Oomoo:
have a project for the exhibition 2006. it's about time, space, distance, travel... pretty much what ive been interested to figure out about the idea of urban nomad, multiple identities/truths, dislocated residents, located immigrants... it's not merely a record of the phenomenon. it's going to be a creative project itself.

will work on it over winter or in 2 weeks time after my final submission. jan, probably need your help to assemble if i don't get to go back. im so excited, cant wait to do the drawings and show u guys.

this project is inspired by john hedjuk and peter eisenman (damn i still hate him but he makes sense).... hehehehe

Oomoo to Sy:
watched clockwork orange, found it extremely disturbing.
any connection with that?
i dont think einsenman makes sense, neither do i like his work! how in
the world is he connected to john hedjuk??

Check out our contact's email, from Expeditio, from Kotor, Montenegro. :
Will be great to have some architects from East Europe come down to Singapore, no?

Tanja says:
Thank you for your kind invitation to be part of your
exhibition / discussion in Singapore ... Of course we (a representative of
EXPEDITIO) would be very happy and honored to take part in it - to present
our work and share with you our experience. Maybe we can
also discuss about some common project ?! There is a lot
to learn from each other, I/m sure ...

Let me know if you need anything from our side to prepare your
event. We will think about some possible people to recommend.
We are not informed more then you about Platform 9.81 - just
from magazine ORIS ... We do not know them personally ...

We have some nice contacts in Slovenia - some interesting
architects (middle generation)... For example, today, tomorrow
and the day after we organize a lecture by one Slovenian
architect in Belgrade, Podgorica and Kotor (for students
of architecture and architects). The topic is:
"The Nature and Elementary Language of Space"
We have made also one short movie about space (build environment) that will be
presented after lectures (20 minutes) ...

It is official! Oomoo has completed her Berkeley application online, and will be posting the rest of her documents tomorrow! Oomoo is flooded with relief, and is grateful for all who has been part of her application process, particularly to Sy, DT and RC who took the time to plough through her hideous/heinous essaays.
Oomoo will be putting in time to ReallyArchitecture this week, a short sabbatical before another round of applications besets.
Updates on other rar members:
KH is (Oomoo assumes) still not web savvy enough to post his comments on the blog! haha!
Hann is back (Oomoo hopes) from Myanmar (Oomoo can't verify this) in one piece. He is to work on the image of rar. New design for logo coming out soon!
JT is still busy with youths, which is of course a noble cause.
SY and YU both burning midnight oil at NY and CA respectively. Jia you to both. Submissions will be over soon, and you will hear more of them!

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Take care of your body Jan! the life of architecture will only get busier. the people i meet here in Sciarc are all crazy archi-maniacs... they are super xiao onz... i now will go into reluctant slumber every night... not that i want to cos of the crazy amount of submissions. just got email from Widodo about mAAN tokyo... 26-28oct 2006! let's all go!

My eyes are dry and my head heavy from a recent bout of flu. Am working on my university applications. Sometimes I wonder, is architecture really worth pursuing? My aunt thinks that I mistreat my body. I guess she is right. I sleep too late. Maybe I should go to bed now...after I tidy up my essays!