Sunday, February 19, 2006

Our next exhibition is up and coming, scheduled for the first two weeks of June 2006 at the new National Library!

Would like to share what SH is thinking of exhibiting. He can make even mundane things sound interesting. Of course, this is not to say his exhibition proposal is mundane. Far from it..

1) Verti-City (Singapore) --- This is a team work between Jawn (a fellow Singaporean friend in LA) and I. It is about an exploration of an experimental vertical growing city, based on the needs and nature of the particular city. In this case, Singapore. The end product is not a final design, rather a system logic by which Singapore can adopt to think of skyscrapers in a new perspective of city planning and architecture. Using Singapore(Marina area) as examples, the end product will be a presentation(animation movie; panels; possibly 3D models) of the process and proposal. This exhibition aims to bring about an appreciation from the public towards radical architecture proposals that can, in time to come, be a visionary piece that bring about new, fresh architecture explorations.

2) Moments in LA --- This is a film documentary meant to bring about architecture awareness emerging from societal phenomenon. In fast-paced Singapore, we often zip around and seldom slow down to observe the small, intricate parts of the city morphology. What is it that makes the city breathes? What makes up the city experience that we more often than not, could not describe fully? What is the ‘seen’ and ‘unseen’?

Located in Los Angeles, the 20-30min film is set in Downtown LA, depicting the lives of the homeless community in a place well-known as the centre of the movie-world --- Hollywood. The camera moves in various speeds, experimenting with the human’s visual digestion of the surroundings. The film then uses a visual method called Diptych, showing several shots simultaneously.

‘Home’ of the Homeless >>> The phenomenon of the homeless community is a sad, avoided yet true part of LA. Yet, as much as people try to ignore and avoid them, there are groups of people that work beyond their duties to provide and care for the homeless. The nomadic roaming with trolleys, smells and streetscape the homeless creates do provide an interesting architecture setting for the city.
Mobility and homelessness is their way of life. So, their lifestyle is exhibited
through the areas where they live and their 'homes'. The documentary aims to show the side of the homeless that the public do not see or avoid to see, as well as the phenomenon it affects on the city environment and culture.

Check it out, huh.