Saturday, June 03, 2006

Late in the night- let's TAP!

It's 2.13am now, and I have not completed my video for the exhibit! Launch is later today, and boxes of rubbish are still lying around our exhibition area.
Negativities (is there such a word?) aside, things are going pretty smoothly, albeit a little late.

So far the exhibition is looking good. Thanks so much to all the helpers who came to help- Zitao, Aaron, Eileen, Kengsan, Xintian, Li Han, Stacy, Phang, Ong Yeun, Sin Mei, Yanting, etc. Without you guys we would not have made it. This leads me to muse on the importance of friendship. What would make one stay up so late in the night just to set up "dinasour bone" like structure? Friendship. Paste muji files together with scotch tape? Friendship. A friend comes in to help when one is in need. A big thanks Y'all!

Kudos too to Ngai Keong who has nary a 40 blinks in the last two days of setup. His unceasing energy is THE reason we've finished the structure! GOing back to the dinasour bones, that's what the librarian staff have called the thing- dinasour. Bluescope calls it the centipede, and someone commented it looks like a gym.

Come drop by to see for yourself!