Saturday, July 15, 2006

AA projects review + Cooper Union show + NUS arch show

This might save you a few bucks from buying the AA Projects Review soft-cover:

Nifty web design, images a tad too small to really appreciate the work - comes off as a fancy pictureshow, and looks just about the same thing to any Projects Review from the past. (Dare I say I like the past Projects Reviews much better.)

Some images of work from Cooper Union's arch school below - hadn't seen much of their stuff since one of the early Education of an Architect books - so dropped by their end-of-year show a few weeks ago:

Some nice work, if not for the fact that everyone's models were in monotone wood, looked like every single project was done by the same person! (I love wood models though.)

Putting things in perspective (kinda), here're some images of work from the NUS arch show:

Will we ever get something that bridges between high concept and buildability, yet breaks new ground and is socially-conscious?