Monday, August 28, 2006

Review: The purpose of details

Just thought I'd add a couple of thoughts on the "forum" at SP, "the Purpose of Details". Was very heartened by the presence of students and staff from not just Sing Poly where it was held, but NUS as well, with our tutors and practitioners attending as well.

In a way it was sort of reminiscent of the lectures in Berlage Institute, attended by students from TU Delft, some of which came at a cost (but always with beer or wine involved! :P) For now, I'd more than make do with coffee and hokkien mee as refreshments though, but that's another story altogether.

The "Purpose of Detals forum", however, was a misnomer, on two counts:
1. It wasn't a forum, but a series of guest lectures. (This isn't necessarily a bad thing.)
2. Only one out of the three speakers really went into the poetics and logistics behind the details of his works, all of which are, in the words of Colin Seah, hair-raising. That's really saying something, for someone who's bald. (Sorry, Colin, had to take a jab at that! ;))

Yet, a highly enlightening series of lectures, each speaker himself meriting an entire guest lecture session of his own.

Kevin Low's work is simply amazing. Probably one of the best lectures I've been to, on account of learning, being entertained and completely understanding what he was talking about, helped greatly by his flawless English and exquisite drawings and photographs.

Good news: Kevin will be conducting the Year 3 Tropical Workshop at NUS. (Those lucky children! ;)) What's great about this is that Tropical Workshop conductors typically give public guest lectures. I'll definitely push for this to happen, in my capacity under TAS, as everyone deserves to see and hear what he has to show. It's that good.

Will post updates on this space regarding where and when the lecture will be. Most likely it'll be at one of the LRs at the Archi Dept, which is small, but arrangements can be made for it to be cast live in another Lecture Room.

On another note, Nazrine Seraki from Atelier Seraji will be giving a lecture on 30 August 2006 at LR 425, NUS Architecture, at 3 pm. More details can be seen here:

Hihgly recommended.

I'll leave you with some images of the Purpose of Details forum.