Saturday, September 09, 2006

The world's hottest profession

HOLLYWOOD-- Late-breaking news: the architect is not in the proverbial bottle, as previously believed, but long since popped the cork and is making it big on the silver screen.

An article in the San Francisco Chronicle details how Hollywood can't get enough of architecture. They adore the manliness of the profession, the gorgeous drawings, and the heroic architect-types who are artistic, driven and oh, so passionate...

Excerpted below but modesty forbids me from reproducing the choicest quotes from the article. Read it here.

The perception of architects as cool is evident in "There's Something About Mary," when Matt Dillon pretends to be one in an attempt to impress Cameron Diaz....

"There are very, very few professions that still have a ring of heroism about them, and architecture is one of the few that does...And it's one of the last manly professions -- you are building something outdoors." [says film historian Robert Osborne]

"Passion for your work does carry over to a passion in real life," says John Powers, a practicing architect for 35 years... The notion of them as catnip to women appears often on celluloid.

"Architecture and the act of building have a lot of metaphorical power. Building something good seems admirable in itself, beyond what it pays as work. Architecture also has a bit of the common touch, which is important for a movie hero."