Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Pedagogy in Liberal Arts Colleges

Hi all, this is a general post but more directed to Ronald, given his background as an undergraduate in a liberal arts college. I'm curious as to how the architectural pedagogy in liberal arts colleges is like, and why I'm curious is because many of us come from architecture schools which are either housed within a separate department (and which more often than not tends to want to segregate itself and function almost autonomously), or architecture schools that are self-serving and self-sufficient (SCIArc, the AA). These schools (and some departments), we've read of and know a lot about, as they usually tend to be at the fore of any discussion pertaining to architectural education in any major publication.

While it's probably a good guess that your education was not focused towards the vocational aspects of the profession, what were its mainstays? And how, if at all, can you use what you've learned at Wesleyan in your work with your current firm (in your current capacity anyway)?

Just being nosey. ;)