Friday, March 30, 2007

10TouchPoints. Better Living. Better Design.

Hey, I really think we can take part in this!

10TouchPoints is an initiative by Design Singapore Council to redesign the 10 items that people use in Singapore that they want to be made better. It is a national redesign programme that is made up of 3 interdependent phases. Phase 1 is a call for public nominations and votes for what could be better designed. Phase 2 is when the top 10 voted items are crafted into 10 design briefs for a design competition open to Singapore-based designers. Phase 3 is the review and implementation of the winning designs from the competition. (Read the blog on possible design issues here!)

The programme is already in its 2nd Phase and they are right now calling for people to register to participate! I thought the way this was initiated was quite in line with what we exist for - multidisciplinary, socially conscious, environmentally sustainable design! We can form up to a group of 5 to take part. Or you can do so individually too lah.

I am already considering joining this with Keng San (for those of you who know him) and another friend who studied graphic design. I think even for the fun of going through the investigation process and talking to people and coming up with a solution that takes into consideration the different challenges, it is something worth doing!

The exhibition of the final 10 design issues that will be chosen to be redesigned will be on, this Saturday, 31 Mar 07 from 10am - 1pm at National Library Board Building, Level 7. Anyone interested?

Oh, and I thought it was a wonderful model, this competition. Perhaps it could be replicated and refined for architecture, like the design of homes maybe? Haha. Something we could look into in the future as part of our initiatives? Oh well... chew on it.

In the meantime, enjoy the publicity Youtube videos that have been making their rounds... you will find someone familiar in one of them. (No, not me lah. Hann, you should recognise him!) Heh!