Friday, February 15, 2008

Really Ar? at Night & Day Bar

And so our first session of Really Ar? came and went. In all, I must say we were quite pleased at the turn out, though it is still a constant struggle trying to get some serious discussion about issues started. I guess it's just the mood that people are in after a long day's work. Still, it is a start! The next time we do this, we will probably have a more specific theme and find speakers accordingly. That would help steer the discussion a lot more.

Thanks to all the people who came to share with us your projects - Adib, Wai Hon, Ker How and Lin Hao. It was most enjoyable. Our gratitude goes especially to Randy who allowed us the use of his place and for supporting us in such an initiative. You have our heartiest appreciations! Of course, also to all who turned up, we hope it was at least remotely meaningful for you. Do let us know how we can improve in the coming sessions!

Enjoy the rest of the photos!