Tuesday, December 13, 2005

It is official! Oomoo has completed her Berkeley application online, and will be posting the rest of her documents tomorrow! Oomoo is flooded with relief, and is grateful for all who has been part of her application process, particularly to Sy, DT and RC who took the time to plough through her hideous/heinous essaays.
Oomoo will be putting in time to ReallyArchitecture this week, a short sabbatical before another round of applications besets.
Updates on other rar members:
KH is (Oomoo assumes) still not web savvy enough to post his comments on the blog! haha!
Hann is back (Oomoo hopes) from Myanmar (Oomoo can't verify this) in one piece. He is to work on the image of rar. New design for logo coming out soon!
JT is still busy with youths, which is of course a noble cause.
SY and YU both burning midnight oil at NY and CA respectively. Jia you to both. Submissions will be over soon, and you will hear more of them!