Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Project Clockwork Oren

Sy to YU and Oomoo:
have a project for the exhibition 2006. it's about time, space, distance, travel... pretty much what ive been interested to figure out about the idea of urban nomad, multiple identities/truths, dislocated residents, located immigrants... it's not merely a record of the phenomenon. it's going to be a creative project itself.

will work on it over winter or in 2 weeks time after my final submission. jan, probably need your help to assemble if i don't get to go back. im so excited, cant wait to do the drawings and show u guys.

this project is inspired by john hedjuk and peter eisenman (damn i still hate him but he makes sense).... hehehehe

Oomoo to Sy:
watched clockwork orange, found it extremely disturbing.
any connection with that?
i dont think einsenman makes sense, neither do i like his work! how in
the world is he connected to john hedjuk??