Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The 2010 Imperative

The world is in a crisis. Resource depletion and global warming threaten our very survival. We can no longer ignore the fact that we have an impending crisis if we do not learn to use the earth's resources in a more responsible way. Buildings consume 40% of the world’s energy every year and generate almost half of the carbon dioxide emissions that cause global warming. Immediate action in the building industry is essential if we are to avoid hazardous change to our climate.

There have been many calls to do something about the way we build and design. Yet, we see ecological literacy sadly absent from our design education. To meet the immediate and future challenges facing our professions, a major transformation of the academic design community must begin today. To accomplish this, The 2010 Imperative calls upon this community to adopt changes in design curriculum that promote ecological and sustainable concepts. (Find out more here.)

Today a critical event is taking place in downtown Manhattan to discuss architecture’s impact on climate change:

The 2010 Imperative Global Emergency Teach-In addressing global warming and climate change is an interactive web-cast broadcast live from New York, reaching more than 500,000 students, faculty, deans and practicing professionals in the architecture, planning and design communities in both North and South America.

The SPEAKERS for this live webcast include:
Dr. James Hansen, NASA GISS
Edward Mazria, AIA, Architecture 2030
Chris Luebkeman, Arup
Susan Szenasy, Metropolis Magazine

PROGRAM SCHEDULE: (click here for detailed schedule)
Time given is in EST (Eastern Standard Time)
Singapore Time (GMT + 8) is in brackets

The webcast begins at noon on 20 Feb 07 (1am, 21 Feb 07).

Live broadcast ends at 3:30pm (4.30am).
A web archive of the webcast will be posted the following morning.

Click here to go to the Live webcast.