Thursday, February 15, 2007


Turns out that Pearl Bank, circa 1976 by Archurban architects, in the opinion of many as one of the de riguer modern-era buildings in Singapore, will potentially be sold en bloc.

A nice collection of pictures, and a succinct commentary, can be found here too - I've linked Kit without prior permission but I'm sure he won't mind. ;) There's also an image of it from a previous post by Ronald, on this blog.

Let this be the beginnings of a petition to keep it. I say keep it, because it is, all things considered, a beautiful building that deserves to be kept - I've always thought of it as a steamrolled Unite d'Habitation, perfect for land-scarce, popiah-loving Singapore.

If you do agree to keep it, post a comment after this post with an "Aye", your name and location. If you don't wanna keep it and wanna see it go and fall prey to large developers and their ilk who make money out of mundanity, reply with a "Nay".. (and never come back to this blog again!)

Oh, and pardon my lack of pictures; snooped these off Google image search; images not owned by re:ACT.